Simply writing and posting on a blog is not enough. There is more to digital marketing than just written materials. Today, you must go beyond writing words on a page. Over 60% of internet users are attracted to visuals more than written content.

Although well written and SEO optimized articles have the power to attract more leads than you can count. Incorporating video content into your marketing approach can give you even better results! Here are the 7 most successful video marketing campaigns that have made a real marketing impact through their video ads.

Always: Like A Girl

Always gives marketing an interesting approach; creating a powerful empowerment message to boost self-confidence among girls and women. In their campaign, the company turned an insult into an encouraging and empowering piece of information to grab viewers’ attention.

The company received lots of praise out of their “like a girl” campaign which gave girls and women a great empowering message to take home.

Always tried to look for ways of engaging a younger audience to more informative and empowering topics. After doing some research, the company came up with ways of killing the harmful stereotypes people hold about girls being lesser than boys. So, they thought boosting girls’ and women’s confidence and self-esteem will do.

This video has been shared over a million times and has earned Always Cannes Grand Prix and Grand Clio awards.

Dove: Choose Beautiful

Although ‘choose beautiful’ campaign had mixed reactions during its first release, it is with no doubt that the company is great at creating engaging stories which they encourage viewers to get involved in.

For you to succeed in digital marketing, you have to put less focus on what you sell and put more emphasis on your goal. This is exactly what Dove does; connecting your audience emotionally to your brand in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Dove has run successful marketing campaigns because they focus on creating emotional viral ads.

Canadian Tire: Wheels

While Canadian Tire worked throughout the ‘Wheels’ campaign to drive sales, there is more to this adorable viral video than what you barely see.

The campaign shows a video of a little boy in a wheelchair who is not allowed to even play basketball with his fellow kids in the neighborhood. He finally meets one of the kids who makes a basketball game for him.

Apart from the wheels which is one of the company’s products it is advertising in the video, the campaign promotes Canada’s Olympic Team.

What does this imply to marketers? It is not just about your sales that matters in marketing. Show support for other things that do not concern your business. Show the world why you are doing what you do; why you are delivering that content; why you are selling that product; show your motives.

Google Android: Friends Furever

Being the most shared ad in 2015, Google android’s Friends Furevercampaign has attracted over 6 million shares on Facebook and Twitter. It involved clips of animals playing together which creates a cute view of animal friendship.

We get amused when it comes to watching playful animals feeding each other, right? Android used this campaign to attract viewers’ attention by tapping into their emotions, the reason why this video has received so much fame.

Squarespace: Make Your Next Move

“Make your next move” campaign is one of the most successful initiatives in Squarespace company history. Squarespace company is a web publishing platform that allows entrepreneurs around the world to put out their business ideas. It creates great websites which are the reason why their content does so well on Instagram and other platforms.

In their campaign, Squarespace shows marketers that digital marketing is not just about creating awareness but also targeting your audience throughout the journey of buying your product.

Geico: Unskippable

While YouTube users are allowed to skip pre-roll ads after 5 seconds, some companies have made good use of the first few seconds of their ads. Geico is a good example!
Geico is an insurance company based in the U.S. and provides services to customers in most parts of the world.
Geico was aware that YouTube users skip 94% of pre-roll ads.

They focused on the first 5 seconds to capture viewers’ attention and make them prolong watching their video. Remember they had to break some rules on the way. Their video was longer than recommended. But you know what? That is exactly the funny part of the “unskippable” video campaign.

The company ensured that their logo got stuck on the screen throughout the video to improve their brand recognition. Isn’t this impressive? Of course, it is.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Build Your Ice Cream Sandwich

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams uses videos, which are proof that you don’t need studio-level equipment to create great memorable videos. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams aroused interest in their viewers by using catchy music and ingredients that are designed to capture the audience’s attention.

7 Most Successful Video
Post an Explainer Video on the home page

Now once you got to know some of the best video ads campaigns, let’s see what makes a great video ad.

What Are the Elements of a Successful Video Ad?

A high-quality ad has the Quality of Capturing the Viewers’ Attention Within Seconds. With the dwindling attention span among internet users, creating a video advert that catches attention in a few seconds is crucial. The first 3 seconds of your video should be enough to arouse interest in your viewers.

Your Ad Should Be Valuable Enough

Your viewers will skip an add they find not interesting. Ensure your ads are entertaining, informative, and inspiring. Otherwise, you won’t thrive in the ever-changing digital marketing world.

Your Ad Should Be Designed for A Specific Audience

You must be aware of your audience. What are their interests? What are they looking to solve? You can direct your ads to your target audience by knowing their state of mind.

You Need to Write A Clear Call-To-Action

Encourage your viewers to further engage with your content or product by specifying the action you want them to take after watching your video. Get them involved by making it easy for them.