Sooner or later, you will be on a big hitch if you are not getting noticeable engagements on your business online. Quality Engagement and leads are the vertical bone of all small and big companies.

There are many ways to create engagements online and convert them into successful leads.

Using an explainer video works out of the box to create high engagement and hook audiences that might turn into lead prospects at any time.

Based on the 2020 state of video marketing report, 

96% of the audience got engaged with the explainer video to learn about the company’s product and services”. 

If you are a business marketer or a business owner and struggling to attract more engagements online, this blog post will give you practical strategies in steps to help you engross more users online.

Before jumping into video creation, you need to be clear about the purpose of your video. Have an apparent reason to create a video. Think of what do you intend to achieve from the video. When you answer these questions and have a clear purpose, you will develop a better conscience to understand where to start. 

some of the main goals or objectives of an explainer video can include: 

To introduce a new product or service

When creating a new product or a service, use an explainer video to create publicity hype and increase engagements. Using a video to wrap your product with some custom animated message and graphic will help you promote your product more interactively and boosts your engagement to the next level. 

To announce updates on your business

You can use explainer videos to convey your message and updates to your business partners, vendors, or even your regular audience and customers. Such a video will make them more likely to respond quickly. 

To explain a process

Nothing can beat an explainer video when it comes to defining a process or workflow. The explainer video has a high storytelling power and can push the core message to the audience’s mind without distortion.

Sales videos– 

Explainer videos are handy as sales videos, and such videos have already been proven as a sales machine. 

The success of sales video started back in 2009 when dropbox used such videos to redefine the marketing strategy. They were able to create more than 10% conversion just by using an explainer video

All type of video has its importance and priorities. It solely depends on what you are trying to achieve. 

Understand the importance of your video length. 

With more digitalization and more information bombarding from all around, people’s’ attention span has gone down shorter than that of a goldfish.

Understand the importance of your video length
Understand the importance of your video length

With this thing in mind, you need to understand the analogy between the length of the explainer video and the engagement.  Wistia, a popular video hosting, and marketing company released an exciting stats on this:

This means you have to come up with something creative and strategic while using engaging content that will help to quickly hook the audience’s attention and make them remember your message. 

💡a video under 2 min will generate more interest and engagement

💡above 2 minutes that video engagement starts to drop 

Build emotional attachment

Explainer videos are designed to connect with viewers directly to their psychic levels. The main objective of using an explainer video is to make you able to resonate with the audience and make them fall for your product or service.

The emotional storytelling should be done in a way that it directly touches the pain point of the audience. When you can trigger the user’s emotions, you are more likely to convert them into leads.

explainer video to generate conversion
Build emotional attachment

Retain more information

explainer video to generate conversion
Retain more information

It is said-“one minute of video worths 1.8 million words“. Reading turns to be monotonous most of the time, and the audience is more likely to escape the written guidance and textual illustrations.

Explainer video through different elements can easily communicate the business motives to the audience in an interactive manner. 

Explainer videos combined with graphics, animated character, audio, and motion make it more interactive and entertaining while conveying important messages at the same time. The motion graphic used in the animation video is extremely powerful to keep the audience stick to the screen.

Create more mobile engagement 

Mobile and video combination works for more than 90% of the audience. Studies show that more than 90% of the video views come from a mobile device. Each year the number of video views on mobile devices is increasing by more than 100%.

As the rise in mobile phones and smart devices continues to grow, more and more audiences will be viewing videos in mobile devices. 

Create more mobile engagement
Create more mobile engagement

Fully track the engagement.

Videos can be easily tracked. This means you can quickly test your video performance, change them, or modify them based on your audience’s taste. The analytic system gives complete monitoring of your video content and provides advanced insights. 

Convey a clear message and idea

Convey a clear message and idea
Convey a clear message and idea

Are you on the way to lunch a new product or a new brand rolling out in the market very soon? 

You can get a step further and use an explainer video to inform your target audience about your product lunch. With explainer animated videos, it is easy for the audience to understand what you are offering and what impact it will make in the customer’s life.

Nobody wants to put money on something they don’t fully understand. An explainer video helps to eliminate all such obscurity and confusion. To make people understand what your product or service does, you need to use an explainer video.

The final takeaway

It is very important to create and use explainer videos in the right way. A wrongly executed video cannot give your proper return on investment. So, next time when you think of an explainer video for your business, Think of getting it done in the right way so your engagement and leads will fly high.