Only a few startups fail because they do not succeed in building a product that meets the market needs. But, the reason behind the failure of countless startups is a different story. Why do 9 out of 10 startups fade out before crossing the caterpillar stage? 

The Massive amount of research has been done around startup failure, and in most of the cases, one reason is common to all startup failure, and that is: “not knowing how to target the audience and convert them into leads ” 

You might be a startup founder who is passionate about building a great product and have a great product idea. If you do not relish the purpose of promoting your product or service, you are more likely to fail in the second stage of your startup journey.

A smoothly executed explainer video for business marketing will lead to instant success. On the flip, poor execution will result in low engagement and is prone to failure, sooner or later. 

The best way to outreach your startup to present your vision and idea to your target audience is by using an “explainer video.” Using animated explainer content, you can let people know you exist and differentiate from the others in the industry. So, if you are a startup and looking to scale up, here are the top 7 reasons you should consider explainer video as your most excellent marketing tool.

Helps to Introduce yourself to the audience

Helps to Introduce yourself to the audience
Helps to Introduce yourself to the audience

A great idea and a great product are worth only when they are introduced to your target audience. Don’t wait for people to find you. Instead, set up the camp where your audience is likely to be. 

An explainer video lets you do this quickly and effectively. Using animated explainers, you can grab your audience’s attention immediately.

The first impression is often the last impression,”. This is true with all the businesses. So, why not explain your vision, product, service, and idea to the audience in a much interactive way by using an explainer video

An explainer video is a storyteller

When you are a startup, it is essential to put your message into the orbit so that your story message is heard. Explainer videos let you tell your story in a much interactive way and help you retain the audience through the power of storytelling. Animated storytelling is illustrative and easily absorbed by all kinds of audiences. Using the power of storytelling, startups can showcase their products and services in a way they instantly catch the viewer’s emotions. 

It works for startups.

There are many examples of startups that have leveraged explainer videos to create success with their venture. An explainer video that is well crafted has the potential to leave a great first impression. 

Some successful ventures considered using explainer videos at the heart of their marketing effort and succeeded in turning their startups to successful businesses. 

Dropbox, as a startup, considered using explainer video as their marketing tool after they miserably failed trying Google AdWords in 2007.

Dollar shave club is perhaps one of the best examples of how video can transform a startup journey. This startup, with a chunk of video content, took a boring topic. They made it so entertaining that the dollar shave club company grew from a viral video to a $1 billion acquisition. 

Helps you increase Your brand recognition

Animated explainer videos are great in conveying your message and brand story in a visually interactive way. And if you can correctly tell this, people will instantly believe in your account. This will help you make your brand more credible. The audience gets to know the true essence of your brand in fewer than 2 minutes. 

Boost Conversions
Boost Conversions

Online visibility and SEO 

The search engine is a great way to gain prospects. With well-done SEO, your business can get enough online exposures, and explainer video is a plus point in getting high ranking on the search pages. Using an explainer video will increase the average website visit time to up to 2 minutes on average. More stay time means more engagement and Google loves all these things. Longer the visitors spend time on your website, better will be your organic position in search.

Boost Conversions

The plain text adverts are not as appealing and engaging as explainer videos. With explainer videos, you can increase better conversions. When able to hook audiences for a few seconds, an explainer video can effectively trigger the audience’s buying power and lead to more sales. 

Offer solutions

Explainer Video is essential for startup success. An explainer video is designed and created to drive in the value concept in the viewer’s mind. Millions of cheap sales pitches and corny ads over the internet have already made the viewers tired. In this case, propagating the real value or a tangible solution will make a true impact for any startups.

The final take away

So, now you, as a startup, should know how vital an explainer video is a business that is just kick-started. There is no doubt using great videos will make you build more trust and credibility and, at the same time, help you convert more prospects at a very affordable cost.

If you want your startup to capture more attention, boost awareness, and tell your story to the world, you should seriously consider using explainer video at all stages of business development, especially when your business is just sprouting out.

Offer solutions
Offer solutions