While you might remember Bill Gates’s quote ” Content is King“, I also want you not to forget that Content is King but engagement is Queen and the lady rules the house! “. You can have the best video content on your website but if it fails to engage your audience, There is no point. Just having high-quality content is not enough, Your video content should be able to create an engaging spark with the viewers.

The right kind of explainer video will pin the audience and inspire them to take further action resulting in higher leads. 

Here are 9 best actionable tips to help you create an explainer video that will boost your brand awareness and turn your prospects to loyal customers. Let’s dive into each of them:

Embed your video on the home page:

Yes! You heard it correctly, It’s on the homepage!, Right in the front. The front page or the home page is the strategic spot to place your narrative content like explainer video. A homepage is the best window display to highlight the things your business has to offer. Again, “above the fold” on the home page is the best place to pin the explainer as this part is the first thing visitors see after landing on the website. 

Pay attention to all details:

There is a risk of getting swamped when you use too many complex ideas at once. To create an engaging video that flawlessly communicates your message, you need to go along with some important guidelines:

  • Keep a conversational tone.
  • Make it to the point and easy to grasp.
  • Use simple, easy to understand, and meaningful words.

Do not forget the goal:

The explainer video you create should have a specific motive and a clear means to achieve it. The primary goal of an explainer business video is to convert the audience to the customer.

You should not equate video success with the number of views. The number of views cannot justify the success level of your explainer video. To get out of this trap, you should implement an effective call to action that will drive the audience towards a landing page or a conversion. 

Create a landing page:

A landing page is one of the most effective and compelling methods of lead generation. You know why? It is because it works, that’s why! Landing pages are created to turn out the conversion. That is why not having a landing page is absolutely a shitty idea. Your landing page should be simplified with fewer distractions. It should be designed in a way to get people to act in no time.

You can easily create high performing landing pages using conversion optimization platforms like Unbounce and Leadpages. They are smart in helping your turn your clicks into customers.

Know your audience:

It is very important to segment your audience. Work up to know your audience and learn more about them. Analyze data, insights, and the audience’s behavior when watching the video. Interpreting the data can provide your huge opportunity to gain real leads.

How many visitors completed watching the full video, how many of them left in a midway, how many people made a bounce within a couple of seconds, These metrics will help you understand the interested group of audience who can turn out to be solid leads. 

Know your audience
Know your audience

Focus on the pain point:

You make an explainer video to show how your product or service can be a problem solver and not to showcase your features. Don’t invest in showing how great your product or service is, instead, tell your audience how using your product or service can make their life easier. 

Start with a strong line-up:

Remember, explainer videos are not long-drawn and should not be. You should be able to hook your audience in right away. Always start the content with the pain points so the audience can identify your message on the top of the line.  

Keep it Short:

You are making the video content to explain your message, not to entertain the audience. So keep it short and sweet. Anything above 2 minutes can drop your viewers by 50 percent. Focus on essential takeaways. Bombarding the viewers with tons of information in single video content is never good. Make it simple and easy to help you maximize retention.

Push your videos:

Do not forget to share all of your hard work with your fanbase and audience. Keep your video on your website, Upload to your Youtube channel, email the link to your subscribers, share it on social media, post it on forums, and ask for feedback.

Think out of the box
Think out of the box

Think out of the box:

Social media and youtube may not be the only marketing strategy you would want to apply. There may be many other means that simply can look unlikely but can turn wild successful.

Brainstorm to come up with a cluster of ideas. Do not afraid to try some ideas that look odd. Remember, Marketing is a number game and there is no prescribed rule to win this game. Talk to your circle, your customers, your competitors, and anyone else. You never know when a perfect idea can stick in. CHEERS!……..