Done with customer acquisition and converted into a lead. What next?

Now, perhaps the next will be the most critical phase- The onboarding phase. With an effective onboarding, your business will introduce a new customer to your product/service and add value immediately. By giving your new customer all the essential tools and helping them to get the most out of the product/service, you will open the door to build trust and make upsell opportunities. 

Gone are the days with lengthy internal emails, articles, and pdfs with some roadshows sent to the new customer. Explainer animated videos have now successfully taken over the long, drawn-out written explainers.

According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, A 60 seconds video is worth over one million words. Forbes found out that customers love to embrace the non-text web and are turning to video more frequently. 

Onboarding not only makes your customer quickly familiarize with the product/service but also improves the client’s retention and allows making upsells with confidence.

So, should you consider using an explainer for the onboarding process within your business? Is an internal explainer video the right choice for the onboarding explainer process? The short answer is “probably.” 

Here in this blog post, I’ve pulled together a few ways an explainer animated video can help the onboarding process: 

Replace the dull text tutorials
Replace the dull text tutorials

Quick and easy explanation 

You have given everything, worked day and night, and came up with a reliable product. But, if you fail to create a great onboarding process, you might invite the misfortune. Try to put yourself into the new customer’s shoes and imagine how perplexed it is to visit the product without any knowledge of what it does and how it is to be used. 

An explainer video is a powerful tool for explaining the obscurity of your product and service, which is much more interactive and inviting than a screen full of lengthy text. 

Replace the dull text tutorials

Technology is changing at a fast pace, and so is user behavior. The consumers are more impatient and looking for a quick solution all around. They come to your product seeking a solution, and if you fail to answer them very quickly, they are bound to leave you and find the next. Most of the users do not want to stay long reading lines of tedious text tutorials. Using an explainer video for the onboarding process is a great option to hook the audience with captivating and lively video content. 

Display product in context

Most of the marketers around accept the fact that video helps the user to understand the product better. Instead of describing the product details on the website page, an explainer video enables you to show off what the product does in action. With a tutorial explainer video, you can take the user on a step by step walk to let them know how simple it is to use your product. 

Helps to decrease the refund rate

Have you ever experienced a customer requesting a refund just because they did not know how to use it? Maybe several times. The research-based statistics show that around 55% of the customer has returned their product in the past because they could not understand the instruction manual for the product/service.

In this case, you can easily avoid this large chunk of refunds by providing informative content to clarify how the product/service should be used. 

An explainer video is the best way to simplify the onboarding process. The video content can provide easy to perform manuals in seconds that is move practical and understandable. More than 65% of customers expect a video to learn how to use their new product. 

Helps to decrease the refund rate
Helps to decrease the refund rate
Quick and easy explanation
Quick and easy explanation

Helps to understand the product/service better

People love videos. There is a tremendous increase in video watch time in the last two years. This increase in video zest makes sense that people like to know a product or service, employing a descriptive and entertaining video. 

Most of the time, the customer is not likely to get an idea about your product or service without seeing the tool in action. An explainer video makes this onboarding process simple and effective by providing details in action.

Build values

An effective onboarding serves beyond just educating the customers. Moreover, it helps to communicate the value of your product and service to the new users. Post funnel in a study found that more than 30 percent of users are agitated by not seeing a proper value on the product or service. Your brand value is at stake when a customer doesn’t clearly understand the purpose of your product and service. The customers going through your product or service for the first time should get an idea of how your product can make their lives easier. 

Wrapping Up:

Implementing explainer videos as an onboarding tool will help you demonstrate your product’s benefits while also touching the user’s pain point. The onboarding process with an explainer video content can answer all the questions in the user’s mind without making them stay long. This will let you hit the ground running