Explainer videos are great tools for brand communication, especially when you have a great story.
In a world where visual works rule, brands understand that they need to portray themselves in ways that their target audience can relate to.

But your explainer video may fail to perform well if the script is not compelling or does not relate to your theme and target audience.

Most of the time video makers prioritize technical components and fail to focus on script and storytelling. They fail to understand that a great explainer video is an outcome of excellent video works and an incredible script combined together. You can’t focus on one and forsake the other. This is why a pretty cover can’t save a bad book.

The Ultimate Explainer Video Script Guide

While this is a guide or a framework to help you write a video script, you must remember that this is a creative work, and any rule or a definite pattern shouldn’t cage you.

But for an explainer video to pass the intended message to the target audience across, there are a few things the video must consider.

Let’s take a look:

Who is your target audience
Who is your target audience

Who is your target audience?

This is the first question any business owner should ask themselves, even before he/she launches a business. You may want to create a product/service that works for a particular class of people. So, you have to know who they are.

When you know who your target audiences are, make sure you address them at the beginning of your video.

Don’t forget to include professions or occupations that could benefit from what you’re selling. The aim is to attract people with higher chances of buying than others.

What problem is your product/service dealing with?

Every business solves a problem, no matter how small they are. But not all customers know that some products and services can solve their problems. The real challenge for a business is to be in front of customers to let them know that you have the solutions to their problems.

So, what problem is your product or service solving? In your video, show them the problems they are facing through a relatable story based on people’s experiences. Tell them that the problem doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

Is there a solution to this problem already?

We live in such a competitive and innovative world that for almost any kind of problem, there is already a solution invented.

And If there is a solution, it means you have a competitor.

This is very important to note, especially when you’re a small business trying to find your feet in a huge industry. In your explainer video, you should strongly hint to the audience how you stand apart from your competitors and what they will miss out if they fail to apply your solution.

You may be wondering, “if I have one or two competitors in a town or city, should I mention them in my explainer video?”

No. You shouldn’t. The best thing to do is to mention what they’re offering and explain their defects subtly.

What problem is your product or service dealing with
What problem is your product or service dealing with

Show them that your product or service gives them comfort and puts them ahead of others.

What is your solution?

How does your product or service give them comfort, and how does it place them ahead of others?

After showing them the disadvantages of using your competitor (or competitors) ‘s product, now is the time to show them your solution.

It has to be better than what others offer, so it generally depends on the quality grade of your product.

For example, are you able to provide a lower price for the same product quality, or are you willing to give a one-year warranty when your competitors are offering 6-months?

These are some things you should look out for when revealing your solution.

Invite people to use your product for free

Most people are skeptical, especially when it comes to digital products.

They will have doubts about whether switching from their old product/service to a new one is a wise decision.

To clear their doubts, include a trial period.

This trial period will help the customers decide if your products are worth going along with. Give a minimum of 7-days. It may result in short-term buyers but long-term users.

How can prospective clients meet you?

This is the first and most essential thing to do. If you don’t and prospective clients change their minds, you’ve just lost a potential sale.

Now, this is where a lot of marketers get it wrong. They often show it on the screen, but neglect it in the voice-over. Remember what we said about neural audiovisual channels? You have to utilize both channels to get your message across.

Get a fantastic tagline.

What is a tagline?

A tagline is a catchphrase in advertising. It’s often a joke.
Although a tagline is not very essential in promotional advertisements, it’s good to have it because it helps people connect the phrase to the brand.

There are many products or services that people have connected with because of specific phrases used in their ads.

There should be no fluff.

Highly sensitive customers can sense irrelevant content from a mile away.

If you want your explainer video to be compelling, it must be short, powerful, and straight to the point. If you can do a complete video in 1 minute or less, it shouldn’t exceed that. Any extra information can be portrayed on the screen. The optimum time for explainer videos is between 60 to 90 seconds.


Explainer videos are great communication tools for brands to showcase their products or services to prospective customers. You’ll be able to motivate people to use your service or purchase your products with an incredible and emotional story. To make this happen, you need a well-written, engaging script, which is a foundation of any successful explainer video. If you fail to build the right foundation, the rest of your video creation process can go in vain.