Did you know that the human brain is hardwired to detect the content in motion? We human beings as a brainy bunch easily detect and digest motion. This is why we are more likely to escape pages of texts but still withstand a video content till the end. 

For any business, an explainer video can be a gold mine when done in the right way. Your home page or the landing page with an explainer video can hook your audience in a way that pages and pages of text can never do. 

Well, Let me tell you how this can happen:

Inform and entertain your audience with an explainer video

Focus on creating an explainer that stands out form a mediocre. An explainer content that addresses the following overview through the animated motion is a gem. 

  • Who you are (your credibility)
  • what you do (the product)
  • why you do (the solution)

This combo brings the real power of an explainer video as our brain is more anchored to story based visuals and motions. 

Provoke emotion in your audience using video

Nothing can be as evoking as a video story that is built thoughtfully and meaningfully. An explainer video made on a solid storyline and heartfelt information can provoke the viewer’s emotions and hit their pain point more easily. 

Combine actions and animations to make it lively

The animation is fun to watch but when you add a human connection to the animated content, you create a completely personal touch. you should blend graphics, animations, illustration, and a character to personalize the core message of your business. 

Provoke emotion
Provoke emotion
Influence the audience to buy a product or use services
Influence the audience to buy a product or use services

 Influence the audience to buy a product or use services

Either your business sells products or services, It is very important to influence people in a way that they opt to buy your product or service. You should try to create an impulse in the audience through your visual presentation to make them go for the product even if they are not in the need of the particular product. 

Even if they don’t buy in an instance, When you are able to influence the audience with your video presentation, people will recall this visual information the next time they want to buy similar products and come back to you. 

Grab attention in within first 8 seconds 

The attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter as there are a lot of distractions moving around all the time. The average attention span is 8 seconds for a human being which is a very tiny frame of time. 

If you cannot grab the attention in these eight seconds, the visitors will inevitably go for another option. Here comes an explainer video in the role. you should use a striking video story in the first part of your video content to generate curiosity and hold the audience for a while. 

Throw a perfect pitch

You will completely ruin your video content if you could not explain your prospects in an engaging manner about what you do and what value you provide. Creating a perfect pitch is very important to make your audiences stick to your website and get engaged. 

Make your video shareable

Now that you have pitched in a classy way, you should be ready to share it with your network and audience. It is easy to captivate people with video content. More than 55% of people tend to watch video content and it is the most sharable media content. Study shows that 64% of customers go to make a purchase after seeing the video on social platforms. In this case, your explainer video could be the real sales machine. 

Make your video well structured

Have you ever thought about structuring your explainer video? What exactly is structuring a video? people from anywhere around the globe and of any age can land on your video landing page. Your video should be structured in a way to engage a 14 years old boy and a 60 years old gentleman. Therefore, you should carefully shape your explainer to make it go wild and address the real issue. 

You can follow these steps to better structure your video:

  • focus on the customer pain point by building up a character whose pain point resonates with the customer. 
  • offer and describe the solution to the problem.
  • tell the audience what you offer and what core benefits they get from you
  • once you tell your audience how you are going to solve their problems, jump to a call to action so that the audience steps up to the lead generation page.
Make your video shareable and well structured
Make your video shareable and well structured

Post an Explainer Video on the home page

Post an Explainer Video on the home page
Post an Explainer Video on the home page

The website home page is the best place to host explainer videos. This lets your audiences to get all the important information about your business without having to read pages long descriptions. 

Most of the visitors land on the front page and if they happen to strike on your explainer video on the first run, You will be on the extra advantage. 

Beware of the video length

Your explainer video should be short and sweet. Remember to keep your video below 2 minutes.

  • count the words130 to 150 words per minute is a good word count for an explainer video. 
  • Run your read time. Try your script before you make it publically available. Read it aloud and ask others to read it.

Finally, Monitor and track your video

Finally, If you really want to make something great out of your explainer video, you need to start tracking your video performance. This is the way you will understand what exactly is working the right way and what needs to be improved. By using analytics and monitoring the user behavior and performance you will drastically improve ROI.

Track the metrics like “time on page“, “conversion” “average watch time” and “video view” to measure the impact of your explainer video.