Are you experiencing a state where your business is hitting a standpoint and the audiences are not interested in your service or product anymore? Have you already spent a lot of marketing budget on SEO, social media ads, AdWords, and still your sales is shattered?

If yes! Then relax, and take a deep breath. Don’t forsake for the poor out- turn. In this article, I will walk you through a proven course of action that will help you create a big bang of engagement and sales in no time.

Most of the marketing plans are focused on getting visitors and finding prospects. But they never regard the other side of the coin, ie. “converting those prospects into customers”.

Rand Fiskin-The founder of SparkToro says-“The best way to sell to a product is not to sell it”, but to earn the trust and engagement of the potential buyers.

So, the ultimate solution to all your marketing needs, sales drive, and brand enhancement is an explainer video“. Let’s go on and see how using an explainer video can take the pain out of your marketing plan and push up your sales and conversions. Also, you will get to know what to take care of while creating a video for your marketing needs. Let’s dive in……..

Invest time to know the audience’s problem:

Invest time to know the audience's problem
Invest time to know the audience’s problem

To make successful sales you should create a marketing video that solely focuses on the pain point of your audience or customers. Customers do not search online for products, they search for the solution to their problems. They are more likely to get attached to the companies that focus on solving their problem rather than wanting to sell their product. You probably won’t be interested in the company which only focus on their brand. If you can touch the problem your audience is facing, you will be able to make a bond with them easily.

You can brainstorm to create a more practical solution by asking yourself some questions like:

  • What are the main benefits you would like to highlight in the video?
  • What is the working module your product or service 
  • What kind of tone fits your brand or product. A conversational tone or a more professional one? 
  • Is there any social proof that you can offer?
  • What call to action would be perfect for you?

Engage your audience with your main characters:

Engagement is the primary element of a successful marketing plan. If you can engage your audience, you have more probability of making a sale. Try to build up your video character look like and behave like your target audience so that they easily connect with your video content. If the audience can find their reflection in the video, they are likely to generate a strong bond with your content. This is a key factor that lets the audience to make the final buying decision. 

Engage your audience with your main characters
Engage your audience with your main characters

Don’t let your audience get bored:

A short and concise video is compelling to viewers. If your video is lengthy, people leave them before the video is completed. Focus on keeping your video to less than 2 minutes. Usually, a 90 secs video is perfect to explain your pitch without losing your audience’s attention. 

Find the perfect placement:

One of the big mistakes that business owners or marketers make is by not keeping explainer video above the fold on the home page. By embedding the explainer video above the fold you allow your customer to get engaged with your content immediately. Once the viewer stays for a while on your video they can move towards the landing page more easily. 

Shout loud at social platform:

Besides posting the video on the homepage on the website, you should also be active on social media sites. Get forward and share your video on the social media network and ask for likes, share, and comment. It is a good idea to put the social media share button on your landing page so it becomes more sharable. This makes you put more customers in. 

Think of a personal approach:

Give out a personal approach to make a connection with your audience. The use of custom character, custom-designed background, brand color, and an emotional storyline will help to grow affinity with your target audience. This makes more confidence and trust and reflects your marketing intents.

Make Google bots fall in love with your content:

video for marketing plan
Make Google bots fall in love with your content

When people see a video in the first instance, they tend to watch the video and stay longer on your site. When Google knows that people are staying longer on your site, it ranks your site higher in search engine result pages. A higher ranking means more organic visitors. 

You might have seen Google featuring video on its search engine result pages.

When your video is optimized for Youtube, it will automatically get featured on Google search results. Use appealing and unique thumbnail for your video to make visitors click your video.

Concentrate on the details:

Your explainer video becomes stronger when you can organize all the details. From voiceover to story narration and from characterization to writing the pitch, you need to focus on every detail. A small flaw or lack of attention to one of the elements will make your video look unprofessional. 

Make it catchy and give a decent launch

Video presentation and marketing are as important as creating a video is. If you do not execute the marketing strategy well, even a great video may fail to impress the viewers. You should think about properly launching a video and have a marketing plan on the side.
Always remember to implement detailed analytics that helps you to create a trending and valuable content to drive brand engagement.

video for marketing plan
Make it catchy and give a decent launch


Many small to large businesses like Dropbox, Dollar Shave Club, Tripcase, Mint, and more others have made a huge success by considering explainer video as their key marketing element. If you start using an animated explainer video for your business marketing, without no doubt in a short time you will be able to grow your sales, increase your visitors and create a unique bond with your audience that was never before. You should also focus on creating high-quality content and optimizing the structure of your website along with the explainer video and within no time you will create a bang-bang business online. Good Luck!