Explainer videos are probably the best way to hook your audience and keep them engaged. They are an excellent means to convey your business brand and values. They are fun powered and extremely engaging. But, to get them right is the hardest part.

The promotional videos, for the most part, are embedded in the front page and it is the top thing that your visitors run into. So, it is very important to nail it impressively. It needs to be fueled with all the important elements and should be done right. Let’s have a look at what makes an explainer video a success.

Here is a brief breakdown of the components that makes any animated video great and effective.

Well Researched Script

A well-formulated script is what makes an effective and successful explainer video. The script is the rock bottom foundation where everything else stands. A scriptwriter should be someone who can dig your business and illustrate everything in a way that your audience can understand. To write a good script you have to creatively brief different questions like:

  • what your product or service is?
  • Who your target audience is?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • How does your product or service help to solve the problem?
  • Should you focus on any call to action?
What makes a good explainer video - Perfect script
What makes a good explainer video – Perfect script

A perfect length

What makes good explainer video Perfect Length
What makes good explainer video Perfect Length

Do not try to dump all your business message in the video and make it dragged-out. An explainer video is simply meant to give an overview of your business to hook your audience and take them to the next step. Keep it short and to the point. 

Don’t make your audience read faster. Messages take time to sink in. Typically 120-150 words per minute is a rule of thumb. A good length and concise video can catch maximum attention. According to Hubspot, The ideal video length recommendation is:

  • For Instagram: 30 seconds
  • For Twitter: 45 seconds
  • For Facebook: 1 minute
  • For YouTube: 2 minutes

Justified benefits

Customers care about benefits and value, not the features and business or product details. Instead of rattling on the features and technicalities, tell the audience how your service will make their life easy. 

What makes a good explainer video - Justified benefits
What makes a good explainer video – Justified benefits

Professional Voice

Poor audio can only ruin your video“. A polished and professional voiceover can take the video from being good to great. It provides excellence from both the technical and delivery standpoint. Professional voiceover artists can convey emotions and excitements through their voice that will trigger the audience’s feelings and help them to engage more.

What makes a good explainer video - VO
What makes a good explainer video – VO
What makes a good explainer video - Humour and Fun
What makes a good explainer video – Humour and Fun

Humour and Fun

Your explainer video should resonate with your target audience. 

Humor and fun is an important ingredient for engaging the audience. A bit of witty humor in the content makes the video more appealing. Pitching direct sales and service straightforward may not be the best idea.

Adding and amusing characters in the script will make the paly look funny and catchy. While adding fun in the video, do not miss the important message. Humor and fun, when used responsibly with the content, can result in a highly effective and impressive video.


Be it an entertaining video or a commercial brand video, people want it to show someone and share it with their circle. A beautifully illustrated video is more likely to be shared by the audience. Remember to ask yourself if the final video product you have is something you would want to share with your friends. Your video should explain your idea and not lecture it. It should be more enchanting and not demanding. People love to share information and solution, not the product and services.

What makes a good explainer video - Shareability
What makes a good explainer video – Shareability

Call to action 

The ideal way to get the most of any explainer video is to include a powerful call to action. Once your audience knows who you are and what you are offering, The second step would be to trigger them to take the step further by providing a simple and effective call to action at the end. 

Your video must provide room for the audience to take the next action. Great content and concept will hook the audience to the end of the video. But, they should not be bewildering ” and what next ” by the end of the video. Think of a concise call to action for your audience to act on when they are done watching. 

What makes a good explainer video - Call to Action
What makes a good explainer video – Call to Action

A powerful call to action can:

  •  Boost your subscription
  •  Build up the engagement. 
  •  Increase page views
  •  Increase conversion rate by multiple times. 

Ability to Communicate

The ability to communicate your brand is extremely important. Don’t use your explainer video to showcase the list of features only. Impress your audience by telling them how you can benefit them. Present your service or product in a way that empowers their lives. 

If you were in the customer shoes, which one would impress you more: ” The mobile screen is 7.5 inches in size” vs. You feel like a real clash character right in the action playing the Clash Royale in your 7.5-inches HD mobile screen“. Effectively communicating your brand is a creative art. When you are able to powerfully communicate your brand to the audience, they are more likely to turn into your customer.