Are you a small business owner struggling to attract more customers or visitors online?

Why Your Small Business Needs an Explainer Video
Why Your Small Business Needs an Explainer Video

For most small businesses around, customer acquisition is still the most significant pain point, and most business owners are fighting to settle it out. 

The competition in the market place is so chewy that most of the business struggles for a lifetime to grab customers’ attention. In this case, you may be wondering if there are any means to break this cycle and get quick attention from your potential customers. 

Well, You may find some acceptable answers to this question, but the most convincing one out of all is the “explainer video.” 

A marketing video is an excellent way to grab your customer’s attraction and convert them to leads without a lofty effort. In short, An explainer video is the backbone of a small business marketing strategy.

Let me tell you why your small business should invest time and resources in creating an explainer video. (The data represents a survey by a business marketing agency)

 ▶ Explainer video comes under a marketing strategy of more than 82% of B2B companies

▶ 96% of the audience claimed that they learned about product and service by going through their explainer video

▶ 73% bought a product after watching the explainer video 

Doesn’t this look pretty impressive? Let me break down some big reasons to make it more clear on why you, as a small business, should use an explainer video. Here are 6 great reasons to go on with.

Make a First Impression on Your Visitors

The first impression is something that counts forever. Be it be a personal affair or a business deal; we tend to give extra effort to make a confident first impression.

The homepage of your website is usually the place where most of your visitors land. The home page or the front page for most of the business website acts as a lead magnet for many reasons. When the audience land on your home page try to figure out who you are and what you offer by seeing your home page instantly. If you cannot make a strong impression at this instance, you will fail to hook the visitor, and they are bound to return without any delay. 

Using an explainer video on the home page will help your audience get all the essential information and message about your business quickly. Under 2 minutes, they come to know what your company provides and how is that going to solve the problem the audience is facing. 

Deliver message effectively

In this digitally fast-paced environment, the audience is continuously thrown up with tons of information like news, article,s ads, etc. The viewer or customer is always looking to escape this convolution and choose something pretty simple and straight to the point. By giving your audience a simple short explainer video, you not only deliver your message effectively but also help them genuinely understand what your product and service are about. 

Deliver message effectively
Deliver message effectively

Make a visual impression to attract more customers

Visual graphics and audio are are the most potent attention grabbers in media marketing. Any small business looking to influence the audience online should take benefit from this audiovisual senses. Explainer videos are a powerful marketing component with audio and visual elements to trigger the audience and hook their attention. Explainer videos being lively and active can easily stimulate the audience’s audiovisual sense and help them stay focused on what you have to offer.  

Explainer videos are short, sweet, and compelling storyteller.
Other than this, explainer videos are packed with fun-filled narration, and for this reason, the message you provide tends to stick in people’s minds for an extended period.

Make a visual impression to attract more customers
Make a visual impression to attract more customers

Boost social engagement

Video is more powerful than any other form of advertisement and keeps the audience engaged for a longer time. When audiences stay for a longer time they tend to go through your content in detail and are more likely to share them on social networks. For most businesses, holding the attention of the viewer is a challenging task. Explainer videos are proven to hold the visitors and keep them engaged for a long time than any other form of media. 

The user quickly shares the explainer video in social media, which helps to get your business noticed on a social platform and generate more awareness. Each day an average user spends more than an hour online watching a video, and most of the business inquiries are made after they see the video content online on social platforms.

Improve Google Rankings 

For any small business, especially for a local business, ranking on search engines like Google is crucial. Ranking high on Google helps drive more traffic and generate more leads. Using explainer videos on your website can help you improve your Google search ranking. This may not be seen as a direct ranking factor, but using a video will drastically increase the amount of time a user spends on your website. If you can hold a visitor for a longer duration, Google considers it as a positive signal to rank high on search results. 

Build bond With Your Audience 

An explainer video is about building a relationship with your audience

You can use an explainer video to either make or break the relation with your audience. Don’t take an explainer as a regular video; instead, consider it a golden gate to get into the head of your prospects. People visit your content to solve their specific needs, and if your video content cannot hit their pain point, you are going to break the relationship chain. Your video should address the issue of your target audience and feel them like you understand and care about their problems. 


Explainer videos are essential marketing tools for any small business. From presenting your business and company in a professional way to delivering your compelling message effectively, explainer videos come handy. Incorporate Explainer video as a part of your marketing strategy and see how it helps your business grow online from all around.