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Are you ready for a customized prize? We’ve created many captivating types of video content over the years that stand out from the crowd. Discover our custom made and personally tailored services to accommodate your needs!

We create vivid, alive, and modern explainer videos. Our blend of hard work, animation passion, and design expertise brings you the best in the industry!

Balans Studio animation

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2.5d animation

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2.5D animation

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Our 3Cs:
We help companies to Creatively, Critically, and Clearly explain their products.

Global Goods:

We enable and empower global companies all over the world to describe their products in a simple and concise manner that effectively engages buyers and explains complex issues. By making an explainer video to suit their product needs, we employ 2d or 3d animations, characters, and motion graphics in a fun and precise way.

Worldwide Wonders:

By collaborating directly with clients or through multiple explainer video companies, we’ve successfully served 200 + clients from all over the world. Our clients range from Pepsi and Microsoft to small and middle-sized companies. We offer all company sizes with the same enthusiasm and dedication and deliver the best explainer videos for YOUR business!

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How To Get Started With Us:
Your exceptionally unique, tailored experience awaits!

The Brief & Kick-off Call

First, we’ll ask you to complete some info about your company and your product. After that, we’ll schedule an online meeting to understand more about your brand and specific needs for the video. We’ll focus on sharing ideas with you and formulating the general storyline and the overall art direction for the explainer video.

The Script

Based on the info acquired from you and our research, we’ll devise a script that delivers the right message clearly and compellingly based on your target audience and your specific marketing goals.


Next, we draw a storyboard (similar to a comic book) to exhibit the main actions in the video. Style frames (art design of the character and some scenes) are also created to simulate exactly how the explainer video will play out.


Then we’ll make complete illustrations from a storyboard and your chosen style. We deliver in a PDF to precisely depict the visual development of the story.


We bring the characters and graphic assets to life during this critical stage!

Sound Effects & Music

We’ll engage all the senses during this important step, giving your animations new life and new depth! We place sound effects in the video and pick a few music choices for you to finalize.

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