About us

Your Dreamcatchers

We’re an experienced, passionate team of dedicated and talented artists on a mission to make the best explainer video for your business, so you’ll stand out in an endless sea of competition. Think of us as your dreamcatchers!


Storyboard Queen: Hanna

Illustrator/Storyboard artist

Creates beautiful storyboards for your diverse projects and designs stunning illustrations.

Video Magician: Edvard

Founder & Animator/SFX producer

Breathes life into illustrations and gives them soul with memorable sound effects.

Word Wizard: Ami

Creates branding, stories, and emotions through wordsmithery, all while considering product, theme, audience and tone.
(also loves floof like Lily & Misa)

Landscaper Lily


Unbelievably acrobatic, she’s the PURRfect landscaper. True explorer of the heights, she’s dedicated to keeping our garden fertile.

Feline VA: Miša

attention grabber

This feline VA always gets himself into CATastrophic situations to achieve attention. He’s truly too beautiful for his own good.