About us

Your Dreamcatchers: Who are we are? What do we do? What makes us different?

We’re an experienced, passionate team of dedicated and talented artists on a mission to make the best explainer video for your business, so you’ll stand out in an endless sea of competition. Think of us as your dreamcatchers!

Specifically, we allow businesses to explain their products simply, logically, and creatively to engage buyers and explain complex issues. Our explainer videos reflect clients’ precise product needs. To achieve this, we use 2d and 3d animations, innovative characters, and premium motion graphics in an innovative and captivating way.

As a result of working directly with clients or through multiple explainer video companies, we’ve served more than 200 customers from all over the world, from large ones like Pepsi or Microsoft, some small businesses, and even middle-sized companies. We accept all company sizes and offer the same personalized and professional explainer videos for YOUR business!

Storyboard Queen: Marija

Illustrator/Storyboard artist

Creates beautiful storyboards for your diverse projects and designs stunning illustrations.

Video Magician: Edvard

Founder & Animator/SFX producer

Breathes life into illustrations and gives them soul with memorable sound effects.

Word Wizard: Ami

Creates branding, stories, and emotions through wordsmithery, all while considering product, theme, audience and tone.
(also loves floof like Lily & Misa)

Landscaper Lily


Unbelievably acrobatic, she’s the PURRfect landscaper. True explorer of the heights, she’s dedicated to keeping our garden fertile.

Feline VA: Miša

attention grabber

This feline VA always gets himself into CATastrophic situations to achieve attention. He’s truly too beautiful for his own good.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.